Our analysis tool gives in-depth understanding of the origins of stops of your wind farms and portfolios and quantify the losses caused by each alarm:


Vestas, Enercon, Gamesa, ...


Origins of stops, frequency of log alarms by types and equipments, losses associated to stops, ...


Multiple access, monthly and real time Report generation and sharing, ...

Why do you need WinDEEP® ?

Data generated by your SCADA system need to be analysed for your diagnostics.

Why your wind turbine is not at its maximal and guaranteed power? There may be several reasons: insuffisant wind speed, maintenance operation, log alarm stopping the turbine, technical weakening, etc.

Our WindDEEP® solution allows you to know what is the correct reason and to make the relevant decision for growing up the turbine's performance.

How WinDEEP® works?

WinDEEP® works on the turbine data and log alarms and looks for statistical correlations between them, identify gap between real and budgeted or theoretical (and guaranteed) power, for any turbine technology. You will then benefit from a battery of indicators that describes the real functionning of your turbine. WinDEEP® allows you to rely on and share detailed real-time performance indicators for your meetings or decisions.

For advanced users, WinDEEP® can be expanded at any time to integrate a wide range of sophisticated tools based on the most recent innovations, including Neural Networks Training.