WindDeep, independent wind farm application

Keep a continuous connection to your wind farm, at your office or on-site during maintenance operation or inspection visits

WindDeep dashboards help identify straight away the current and past state of every turbine. It also provides real-time indicators for performance diagnostics: insuffisant wind speed, maintenance operation, log alarm stopping the turbine, technical weakening, etc

Our solutions include

Responsive connected platform (accessible form all smartphones, pads and laptops)

Dashboard with comprehensive graphs and tables, with real time update

One-click export of graphs and tables in many available formats (csv, jpg, pdf...)

Automatic generation and easy sharing of reports

Customisable analyses, with 1-click adjustable time intervals

A unique and single app integrating the needs of the different departments and people: technicians, maintenance and operational departments, managers, and even financial analysts

Soft Application of Wind farm and turbine on distance management

Our three packages:

WinDATA® provides a real-time and comprehensive dashboard of your wind farms

current status of every turbine

availability of every turbine and of the wind farm

load factor

technical indicators (pitch, temperature, etc.)

real and current path over the power curve

origins and frequency of stops

lists of log alarms for every turbine and for every equipments

wind roses

See WinDATA®

WinDEEP® allows in-depth analysis of the stops and alarms of your wind farms

list of log alarms with associated losses

generation of decisional indicators

analysis of losses by equipments

frequency and ordering of the stops

GANTT diagram of the unavailbility of every equipments

See WinDEEP®

WinCAST® offers a robust and easy tool for your prediction and planification needs

forecasted wind ressource based on meteorological data

comparison between forecasted, realised and budgeted outputs

Weibull curve with statistics

impact simulation of preventive or corrective maintenance operations

optimized planification of preventive maintenance or inspection visits

See WinCAST®