Our monitoring tool uses all the data to give instant and real control over operation of your wind farms:


Vestas, Enercon, Gamesa, ...


Wind resource, log alarms, turbine production, real power Curve, ...


Multiple access, monthly and real time Report generation and sharing, ...

Why do you need WinDATA® ?

The data generated by your SCADA system are screened and designed in a simple and comprehensive way through our WinDATA® solution.

Based on interactive graphs and dashboards, you can identify straight away the current and past state of every turbine, or parts of the turbine.

You can keep a continuous connection to your wind farm using your computer or your mobile, at your office or even on-site during maintenance operation or inspection visits.

Wind Turbine On Line Monitoring Software with Scada Alarms

How WinDATA® works?

WinDATA® gathers all the sensor data and log alarms provided by the SCADA of the wind farm, for any turbine technology. You will take the relevant decisions to maintain your wind farm or wind portfolio at their maximal level of performance. WinData® allows you to generate, rely on and share detailed real-time operational reports for your meetings or decisions.

For advanced users, WinDATA® may at any time be expanded to integrates a lot of various data (from grid metering system, wholesale prices, etc.). See Taylored modules.