A bridge between energy and the most advanced digitalization technologies

In addition to WindDATA, WindDEEP and WindCAST, Zelya Digital Energy Management also offers a wide range of tailored services.

These additional services allow the most recent data science concept to help you explore more in-depth the operation of your wind power plant.

Our fields of expertise

Data aggregation & Development of Customized Interfaces

I.T. development of dashboards for wind farm data management

Based on your internal energy flows and external available data (wholesale power prices, wind predictions, network capacity...), we help you build coherent data bases, with 3 key objectives:

facilitate further integration of additional data

draw up simple and comprehensive web interface to monitor and analyze this data

enable AI analysis based on this data

Blockchain technology, smart contracts and energy IoT

Blockchain pool consulting for energy smart systems

Our experience covers decentralized energy (with blockchains), and the dynamics of interaction and balancing between connected devices and production units:

Energy backed tokenization

Smart Contract and Smart Chain use for decentralized energy

Organization of private blockchains for carbon or renewable credits

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithm modeling

Advisors for the use of deep learning in the management and analysis of wind farms

We leverage our expertise in algorithms, neural networks, and technical audits of wind farms to make sense of data, facilitate analysis and decision-making.

Treatment, homogenization and AI analysis models based on real time data

development of modules for forecasting, predicting and optimizing maintenance and operation in function of modeling of past and actual data using AI models